Our industrial photography shows both where products are manufactured and how in a clean uncluttered style.

Recent Industrial Photography

Why a Professional Photographer?

Engineering environments are often noisy, dusty or cramped. Processes may take place in dark or brightly lit parts of the factory, and with mixed lighting. We are used to working in such environments and are able to deal with this by capturing and presenting photographs in any light, showing parts of a process or the bigger picture in a clear way that will show the viewer just what is happening.

Light Industrial Photography


Light industry is an area where Business Image has sound experience in photography. Issues here clearly cover matters relating to Health & Safety, working space, potential downtime for staff involved in processes and product security. Photographing the interior of a location involved in light industry often brings challenges relating to differing lighting styles and levels. The photographic equipment we carry is compact and does not require the use of special lighting poles or structures and this, coupled with the skilled use of photographic post production renders the objects and processes being photographed in the light of their surroundings.

Business Image has carried out photographic assignments for Panasonic, Gravloc UK, TB Davies UK, and Rapp Advertising USA at the Burtons Biscuit Factory in South Wales. Each environment was different and presented its own challenges, adding valuable experience to our photographic knowledge base.

Heavy Industrial Photography


Heavy industrial photography can involve differing sets of disciplines from light industry, from a dirty and dusty environment to Health & Safety, to both interior and exterior factory or plant photography. We see examples of heavy industry as being steel manufacture and production, steel fabrication, automotive; heavy engineering work which requires different photographic approaches to show both the process and the end product clearly.

Business Image has experience of photographing assignments for heavy industry including steel manufacture, heavy welding and steel fabrication. Again heavy engineering photographic assignments do not require lighting sets; rather they can be carried out with a minimum of inconvenience to the workforce and process.

More Information

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