Our architectural photography showcases the architect’s vision, concept and design creatively and innovatively.

Recent Architectural Photography

Why a Professional Photographer?

Architects go to great lengths to show buildings in a dramatic way whilst seeking to make them sympathetic to their surroundings. We support architects to this end by capturing and presenting completed internal and external architectural spaces and features in the best possible light.

Exterior Photography


Exterior architectural photography is undertaken at specific times of the day to suit the final purpose of the image. A bright crisp sunny day often shows off buildings to their best but can conceal the interior spaces. Evening or night photography on the other hand can provide a connection between the interior and exterior of a building which can create a very dynamic image. We can advise on the best approach to take based on the building’s design, layout and orientation.

Consideration should also be given to a building’s setting, whether it be in an urban or rural environment. A good photograph can show how a building relates to its surroundings, capturing the design intent. This may mean capturing several photographs from a distance using a telephoto lens to compress the perspective and foreshorten the field of view. Or perhaps capturing a photograph from close to the building looking away toward the landscape in which it sits.

Interior Photography


Good interior photography is all about capturing the mood of a space whether it be light and airy, dark and cosy or somewhere in between. As architectural and photographers, Business Image are able to see a space through the designer’s eyes and utilise the available light to portray the interior at its best.

We use specialist wide angled lenses to maximise the field of view and ensure that the interior space is represented as accurately as possible. High contrast lighting is controlled either by the use of strobe lighting to balance high level and low level areas, or through the use of multiple exposures and exposure blending techniques. The result is an image which reflects the full dynamic range of lighting and peripheral vision that the human eye sees. We will also pick out any interior architectural details either in an abstract form or as part of a wider composition.

Building Photography

As architectural photographers, we can create dramatic images of buildings that perhaps at first glance, do not seem to be all that photogenic.

Understanding architectural design and then selecting the angles that best portray the building, combined with critical lighting – which is determined by time of day – are all essential components in fine architectural photography.

Many buildings can appear much more dramatic when photographed at either dusk or dawn.

More Information

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