If there’s ever a ‘best time’ to photograph a newly built property, then surely that time is at handover. The time when the contractors have handed the building over to the clients, all the workers are off-site and the time the clients are busy making everything clean, ready and welcoming for the new occupants.

These might be office staff, residents, guests, shop staff, any type of occupant at all really. But…they will all have one thing in common. They will not come unaccompanied.

Along with the new occupants will come:

  • boxes
  • crates
  • furniture
  • food wrappings
  • fingerprints
  • litter
  • discarding wrapping material
  • cars and vans everywhere
  • and anything else you might not have though of

So, if the photography assignment client, be it the builder and / or the architect,¬†absolutely wants to ‘show off’ their work to very best effect, then handover time is THE time to get those shots taken. Think about it… everything is pretty clean and tidy, the painting / plastering is unsullied, the place is spick and span – and that’s how you want your customers to see it!

Lightmoor View Care Home Exterior

Lightmoor View Care Home Exterior

Lightmoor View Care Home Kitchen - Interior

Lightmoor View Care Home Kitchen – Interior