Fewer things can look more off-putting to a client than ‘wonky’ uprights in a shot of a room or a building. Wonky uprights can be the edge of a building, the doors, the windows, any upright that clearly isn’t upright. This generally occurs because:

  1. the camera isn’t perfectly positioned in relation to the subject and ends up distorting the shot
  2. the room is quite small and a very wide angle lens ins needed – and has to distort to get the whole scene in
  3. it is not possible to get far enough back to show a building as being straight

We can get around this by using very wide-angle lenses and straightening the verticals in post processing software. The result looks more realistic and therefore, more pleasing to the eye.

In our straightened shot we have also added just a little brightness, to allow a decent view into the room.

Wonky uprights?
These don’t promote what you do in the best way.

Penarth 1 web wonky uprights 

Straight uprights?
Showcase your full potential – We do that!

Penarth 1 web straight uprights