Inver Energy, a leading supplier of fuel and energy in both the UK and Ireland, asked Business Image in to photograph one of their tanker lorries in an appropriate setting.

Inver Magazine Cover174The tanker had recently won an award and was to take pride of place on the cover of ‘Fuel Oil News’ in the February 2016 edition.

After agreement from the Cardiff Harbour Authority, the shoot was set up at two locations with a number of photographs being taken to offer the client more choice. The location seen below provided a perfect background. The end result was one tanker lorry set a against a dark, brooding sky which set the scene very effectively.

Inver have now asked us to carry out more photography for them, including the Cardiff office based team and a refueling of a berthed cargo vessel from an Inver tanker lorry.

We can advise on the best setting for a great magazine cover shot – it’s one of our specialities