Welcome to the first in a series of blogs from Business Image. We will issue these when we have good news to share and also from time to time to give thoughts, ideas, tips and hints to help you get to grips with marketing your business.

We firmly believe that businesses need both high quality copy AND excellent photography to really project them into the buying world. Whilst we don’t produce copy (we stick to what we do best) we can deliver photography to a very high standard. This can be of:

  • a product you manufacture, both as a finished product and during its manufacture
  • the staff who manufacture it for you
  • your factory, guest house, hotel, shop, wherever you carry out your work
  • your plumbing work, electrical work, architecture, any installation

and the list goes on.

We believe that a professionally taken photograph will tell a lot about what you do, and more importantly, how you do it.

So, whoever you select to carry out this important service for you, check carefully to see their previous work, be it their website or a portfolio of images.

Keep an eye open as we blog on our experiences and adventures and pass them on to you to maybe help you along the way.