March 2016

Staging the shot

  • Care Home Living Room

    Care Home Living Room

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What exactly do we mean when we refer to ‘staging the shot’? There are probably as many definitions as there are folk prepared to offer a definition.

But to us, it means creating a shot that looks its very best. Seldom does a scene look at its very best at first take. It may be because furniture is squeezed closely together, or refuse bins are visible in a garden shot or a warming fire is not lit, or the room looks cold and uninviting because the light are off. When photographing the internals of a building the absolute classic for us it the toilet set left up. Honestly. This looks dreadful and really does not show the bathroom off in its best light. Continue reading…

Why at handover is best

  • Lightmoor View Care Home

    Lightmoor View Care Home

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If there’s ever a ‘best time’ to photograph a newly built property, then surely that time is at handover. The time when the contractors have handed the building over to the clients, all the workers are off-site and the time the clients are busy making everything clean, ready and welcoming for the new occupants.

These might be office staff, residents, guests, shop staff, any type of occupant at all really. But…they will all have one thing in common. They will not come unaccompanied.

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Inspired by Little Inspirations

  • Little Inspirations Nursery Barry

    Little Inspirations Nursery Barry

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Business Image was recently asked to take some web shots of the new Bumble Bees nursery in Barry, part of the Little Inspirations nursery network.
The work was undertaken and is now incorporated into the Little Inspirations website. The photos revolve around the children; playing, having fun, being looked after and generally enjoying themselves at Bumble Bees. Continue reading…

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